Train Like a Ninja, Become an All American Super Ninja!

The class will focus on conditioning and agility training with the use of "Ninja Warrior" style Obstacle Courses, Flips, Runs and Spins, Vaults, Beam Jumps, Rope Swing, Rings, Falls, and Trampoline. All done with proper progression and matting.​

Current classes, clinics and camps are open to girls and boys ages 5-12 years.
*Coming soon...All American Little Super Ninjas for girls and boys ages 3.5-5 years & All American Super Ninja Masters for girls and boys ages 11-14 years old.

Current obstacles and speciality equipment:

  • 9 foot warped wall
  • agility ladder
  • ring challenge
  • horizontal climbing wall
  • monkey bar-stair challenge
  • slack line
  • 4 obstacle hanging challenge
  • climbing rope
  • slanted steps
  • *COMING SOON* cargo net
  • *COMING SOON* log beam