Mission of AAG-GPA

To ensure that gymnastics opportunities are available to a diverse group of gymnasts.  We work to develop amateur gymnasts by promoting the benefits of team and individual competition at state, regional and national level.  The association works along with All American Gymnastics to enrich each gymnast’s individual and team experience and to promote the sport, while keeping tuition costs down for AAG families.

AAG-GPA Board Members

President- Barry Petrowsky
VP, Fundrasing- OPEN
VP, Treasurer- Brian Kassing
VP, Social- Sarah Hale
Secretary- Carmen White
Ambassadors- Angela Sandler, Marci Boyer and Amy Coble

AAG-GPA Handout 2016-2017

Email the Board at aag-gpa@allamericangymnastics.net

Payments for 2017-201 GPA Dues

Gymnast's Name/Level